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 The official Beyond-Emu Database!

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The official Beyond-Emu Database! Empty
PostSubject: The official Beyond-Emu Database!   The official Beyond-Emu Database! I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 11, 2008 7:26 am

Release of Legendary Database

This is a complete Blizzlike Database Realease for Ascent and OpenAscent

This Database is based on The Next Chapter Database(NCDB)

Log -


* Over 500 Health Fixes

* 2.4 Content Added

* Over 2000 recipie fixes

* Over 500 flag fixes

* Added Quel'Danas Spawns

* Added Sunwell Spawns

* Added more world spawns

* Fixed Some Arena Vendors

* Added more world items

* Added more quests

* Added more trainer spells

* Added more Gobject Spawns

* Updated Teleport Coords

* Updated Percent Chances

* Updated Chain Fixes

* Fixed where some npc's were elites,when they weren't supposed to be

* Fixed some Spirt Healers

* Vendor entry change

* Updated trade skill value

* Fixed some totem spells

* Added some object loots

* Added some gobject quests

* Added some creature loot

* Updated some quests

* Added some more sunwell spawns

* Added some hunter trainer spells

* Added some pet trainer spells

* Fixed vendors and repairs on Qual'danas Island

* Fixed mobs HP and Mana Amount in Magister's Terrace

* Re Spawned Shattrath 2.4 spawns

* Deleted some sunwell gobjects so everyone isn't blocked
from the next part of the instance

* Spawned another sunwell boss

* Updated leveling

* Added some 2.4 loot

Credits for the Legendary Database (LDB)

The NCDB Team for the origonal DB

The Private Server community for fixes and updates

Ascent Blizzlike DB forums for fixes and updates



I will add more mirrors later!
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The official Beyond-Emu Database!
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