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 Support - FAQ

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Q: get "[ERROR] Do you already have another mysqld server running on port: 3306 ?" everytime i start MySQL!

A: This error means that you already have MySQL running or something is blocking port 3306, check the process list in task manager for mysql.exe.

Q:How do I backup my database?

A: Open heidisql, on the left pane you should see a database named "logon", right click it and select "Export tables as SQL".

Q:I can't access any TBC content but i have TBC installed

A: Navigate to your accounts table in heidisql and change "flags" to "8".

Q: How do i make other players into Gamemasters?

A: Open up your logon database > accounts , under GM change 0 to az

Q: When i try and log into world of warcraft it gives an error: "Unable to validate game version."

A: In the bottem left corner of your world of warcraft, it should give a version number. Look at the last four digits of the number (the ones in brackets). /Ascent/logonserver.conf with notepad. Scroll to the bottem and where it says "MaxBuild = XXXX" change it to your version number.

Q:I get this error "Application error the Application Failed to initialize properly(0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate this application."

A: You need to download .Net Framework 3.5 and install it.

Q: Where can i find the gm commands for Ascent?

A: In this thread

Q: When i try to extract the maps with ad.exe, the window just flashes and then closes!

A: Be sure that ad.exe is in your World of Warcraft folder and make sure there is a "maps" folder in your World of Warcraft folder (C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/maps).

Q: None of the graveyards work! I always get taken to ironforge when i die!

A: You need to extract your maps. Read the readme.

Q: When i play on my server i can't explore any maps!

A: You need to extract your maps. Read the readme.
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Support - FAQ
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