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 Beyond Emu 1.0 Blizzpack

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Beyond Emu 1.0 Blizzpack Empty
PostSubject: Beyond Emu 1.0 Blizzpack   Beyond Emu 1.0 Blizzpack I_icon_minitimeSun May 25, 2008 4:10 am

This is what Beyond Emu 1.0 Blizzpack includes -

* Quel'Danas Fully Spawned

* Quel'Danas fully Working

* Quel'Danas Vendors spawned and working

* Sunwell Fully spawned

* Sunwell Fully Working

* All bosses spawned and working

* Ascent Revision 4529

* Apache website

Ascent WebCMS V1.6

Beyond Emu 1.0 Blizzpack 77a3716be41d1280afa76db6c5343

Credits -

Pandemic - For the site and Hosting
Pedregon - For setting everything up
Bloodykingx - Helping with the Sunwell
Ascent team - For the Ascent Emu
ABD Team - For the Blizzlike Database
2greengiant - for the link for sunwell spawns
Noriac - For the Site
Ral - Helped pointing out for bugs
And thank you to others that we might have forgot

Downloads -

Beyond Emu 1.0 Blizzpack
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Beyond Emu 1.0 Blizzpack
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